I'm Pregnant…Now What?

Congratulations! Anticipating the birth of your baby is a very exciting time. Preparing for the arrival takes a bit of planning. Following are some things you may wish to consider in preparing not only for the day you welcome your baby into your life, but also for the first few weeks after arrival.

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Getting in good shape before the baby arrives is very important.


For most “moms to be”, participating in some activities such as walking is healthy up to and including the later stages of pregnancy. If your pregnancy has complications, you would want to follow the advice of your provider. Exercise has many health benefits such as aiding in sleeping, keeping your metabolism in good check and even helps to ensure an easier delivery. Don't forget exercise also releases endorphins, the hormones responsible for feeling good. Involve your spouse or partner.
They will experience the same benefits.

Rest is important.

Rest as you can and nap when the baby naps

Get as much rest as you can before the baby arrives. After the baby arrives, you should plan to nap when the baby naps to ensure that you are well rested and better able to handle the day.

Prepare your partner!

Discuss the care that the two of you can share once the baby arrives

As your due date approaches, plan easy meals with your spouse or partner that are easy to freeze for a quick dinner. Discuss the care that the two of you can share once the baby arrives, such as bathtime, bedtime, diaper changes, feedings and don't forget sharing the housework.

Prepare your friends and family.

Many people will offer to help you once you are home with the baby

Many people will offer to help you once you are home with the baby. Let them know what they can do such as preparing meals, running errands, or sitting and chatting over a cup of tea while the baby naps. Remember, the first few weeks at home may seem tiring. Having the help of family and friends will allow you the time to recuperate faster.

Set up your nursery.

Set up your nursery

Make sure it is well stocked with lots of diapers and wipes to prevent unplanned trips to the store. Consulting with family and friends who have already had a baby may be fun as well as helpful.

Enjoy this exciting time ahead of you. Don't forget to make preparing and caring for your baby a partnership with your spouse or partner.

Congratulations again.
We look forward to sharing this exciting time with you.